Training Placement Certificate | Intern Europe

Day 46&47 16.05-17.05.2018 Wednesday & Thursday


On Wednesday I left the office earlier because Intern Europe informed me that I had to
collect my „Training Placement Certificate“. This document confirmed that I did a work
experience in Agnew group. At the office, I had to tidy up the server room and get
rid of the stuff that wasn’t required anymore. I helped Jakob to move his devices because he had so many of them.

For this day Intern Europe had also organized a treasure hunt event which I was not a part of because I was to tired. I heard from schoolmates that they had to walk around for 2 hours: from the city hall to the Titanic Quarter. They had to answer questions about certain attractions in Belfast. At the end, they received a free drink and were in a pub. „Training Placement Certificate | Intern Europe“ weiterlesen