Presentation in front of the whole IT team

Day 55 25.05.2018 Friday


On Friday I had to troubleshoot some apple tv’s because the app they use crashed. They couldn’t display any slide shows anymore. The reason for this was that the apple TV’s didn’t had the recent updates. Furthermore we tested the new network with a voice over ip telephone to discover if there were any problems or blind spots.

I also used this day to gather all signatures for my record book, in which I had to document my work because my company needs them to sign me in for my IHK final exam, where I must proof that my record book is complete.

This day was a very special one because my supervisor wanted Jakob and me to present our presentation in front of the whole IT team. „Presentation in front of the whole IT team“ weiterlesen

The penultimate week has begun

At Monday the 21st of May in 2018, first day after Dominik´s big mouth about the cheesecake. Since Monday we haven´t seen a cake from him. But it’s ok, because he has time till Friday. I looking forward for his cake. On Monday I had difficult to stand up, because trough my allergy I have the feeling I´m permanently tired. And I forgot my nose spray for my allergy at home.

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