My first time cooking

After I came back from work, I had to go outside again, because I was cooking today and needed some ingredients. Honestly, I can not cook at all and apart from the fact that I’ve been warming up a few things so far, I have not cooked anything yet. Anyway, today my ‚dear with apprentices’ has forced me to cook samosas. For those who do not know samosas, they are stuffed dumplings, originally from India. „My first time cooking“ weiterlesen

Visit the construction site


On Monday my department manager showed me how to troubleshoot problems with a pc
remotely. Also, we checked for updates for the servers. The reason for that was that on
this weekend there was an issue which had to be solved. He showed me the script they
used to back up the server. Later on, we swapped failed firewalls with new ones
because they’ve been operating for too long already.
On Tuesday we created a Firewall rule for a printer so users could print on the new
printer. We installed a new router and swapped the old one because he
didn’t work properly anymore. There was also a problem with the VPN connection to another department which we had to troubleshoot. „Visit the construction site“ weiterlesen