St. George’s Market & Grill Party

My goal for today was to visit the St. George’s Market. Since we wanted to meet at 1pm, I could sleep longer and enjoy a hot bath again. At 12:30pm, Giang, Jenny, Dominik and I made our way to St. George’s Market. The sky was clear and the sun smiled. Once there, we first had to find Tim, Robert and Giuliano. After a few minutes, we found them at a food stand.

As I looked at all the stands, one thing suddenly occurred to me. „St. George’s Market & Grill Party“ weiterlesen

Barbeque in our house

Day 36 06.05.2018 Sunday


On Sunday I decided get some rest because my foot was hurting very bad. I had a large blister on my toe because of all the walking, so every step I made was painful. While I stayed at home my roommates visited the St. Georges Market again. Our Landlord came to refill our water boiler because we asked him to and didn’t knew how to do it.

It was a very sunny day so we had a barbeque. The barbeque was very delicious. It is really convenient to have a grill at the back of the house. In Germany I always have to go to a park with determined barbeque areas for a barbeque. It was very easy to clean the grill because you can use the sink inside the house instead of using a water bottle while being at the park. After we finished our meal we played “spyfall”. “Spyfall” is a game (you can find it online) where one or two people of your group are the spies. The others have to figure out, who the spies while the spies have figure out the location of the other without being caught. „Barbeque in our house“ weiterlesen