Visiting the data center

Today there was not as much going on as usual at my work. I had to keep working on the website for a customer. I installed new plugins and configured them for the website. Then I drove with Graham to a data center to expand the storage capacity of one of our server with new hard drives. Once there, we had to wait nearly twenty minutes before we got into the data center, because there were a few complications. „Visiting the data center“ weiterlesen


Day 34 04.05.2018 Friday


Like every Friday my department manager and I did some server clean up to free some space. We’ve been informed that one site didn’t display a wifi SSID so we had to create a new VSC Profile at the wireless controller. At this VSC Profile you had to define the display name (SSID) as well as the authentication it uses, etc. After a while we’ve received a message that one laptop couldn’t open an internal website. That’s why my department manager showed me some Network Policy Server (NPS) and  Radius server. He thought that it might be an authentication problem. „Routine“ weiterlesen

„Although the world is not perfect, it is yet the best that is possible.“

(quote from Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz)

4th of May in 2018:

After an agreement, I will write about my past and my current accommodation because I wasn’t sure if it’s appropriate to show these picture here.

„„Although the world is not perfect, it is yet the best that is possible.““ weiterlesen

Neighbors cat visited us.

At Thursday the 3rd of May in 2018, I started my work at 9am and had to until 3.30pm because we had a meeting with „Intern Europe“. While I work I hear music and I found a song for what I search. Because since Belfast I was searching for a song and I heared this song everytime in my mind but I can´t remember on the title. And at the work I heared a song from the band and I remembered on the voice. And as I saw the band name I remembered on the song title.

„Neighbors cat visited us.“ weiterlesen