St. George’s Market and Barbecue Party

At round 3am my Sunday started as I took my girlfriend to the airport.
After a very hard goodbye, I wanted to take the bus home. Unfortunately, the first bus drove not before 6.15am. Due to that, I had to take a taxi for 32£. After being back at my place, I was finally able to sleep for a few more hours.

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mid time meeting

Last wednesday Mr. Bavar visited us in Belfast we met in a cafe at 5 pm. We spoke about our workplaces and if were satisfied with out stay, later we went to a mexican restaurant where I just out of curiosity ordered a burrito with very hot sauce which turned out to be a little to hot for me so my colleagues had a good laugh while i nearly cried. The next day we had the mid time meeting with intern europe where they just handed us some papers which we have to get signed. After the meeting i went to the gym with one of my housemates who showed me the sphinx after the gym. The Sphinx is a pretty famous kebab shop in belfast which i highly recommend.

BBQ and a free public day

At Sunday the 6th of May in 2018, on this day we planned a BBQ because we had so nice weather. But for the first we met Robert, Guliano and Tim at the „St. Georges Market“. After the market we went together to tim and then to „Tesco Superstore“ to buy our stuff for the BBQ. Giang, Phi, and Robert drove with the taxi back at home and the rest walked. After our dinner we played a lot games together. I believe we went at 3am into the bed.

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Free Comic day and Agent Mr X

At Saturday the 5th of May in 2018, I standed up at 7am. Because I wanted to go the comic shop „ForbiddenWorld“ they had on this day free comic day. The event was starting at 9am but the seller sayed to me, it will be better when I come a bi earlyer. I was at 8.30 am on the comic book shop and the queue was already quite long.

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