Future Firewall upgrade | Visio Stencils | EIRP AP

Day 38&39 08.05-09.05.2018 Tuesday&Wednesday


On Tuesday my department manager and I took care of the regular weekly duties. For the inventory, we needed to count the software licenses which we have deployed in our surroundings. Someone complained about the wireless LAN so we’ve also checked the access points on one site and discovered that the AP reduces their EiRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power) because there was a conflict with another AP. This unit tells the amount of power needed to achieve a certain power density at a specific distance from the source. To solve this problem we had to reboot the AP. Due to this, the device will automatically set its EIRP to the highest lvl so the user could receive a stronger wifi signal.

Afterwards, I started to upgrade some new Firewalls to exchange some failed/ soon going to fail devices. „Future Firewall upgrade | Visio Stencils | EIRP AP“ weiterlesen

First time at the Ulster Museum

Last friday I was at the Ulster Museum for the first time with my colleague to fix some screens at the new „The Troubles“ gallery. The gallery is about the Northern Ireland Conflict which ended in 1998.  They show letters from people who lost relatives and many news articles about incidents like the Bloody Sunday, i highly recommend it for anyone who is a little interested in history. Later that evening we went to a pub to have a few last drinks with some austrians which we met a few weeks ago, theyr stay ended on saturday. On saturday we had great weather so I went to the Ormeau Park with some flatmates. So far a great start in the weekend and we still have our Bank holiday on Monday.