„There is nothing special in the world, nothing magic, just physics.“

(quote from Chuck Palahniuk)

First of all, I recognise that my blog entries are short. I am sorry for it, but nothing special happens during the week, where I can write a lot of content about it. Maybe I got used to the life here, and not many things surprise me anymore. I think because of that.
Usually, after work, I go home and have dinner with the others or relax and enjoy my time here. I hope my entries will be longer on the weekend *snicker* ^^‘. „„There is nothing special in the world, nothing magic, just physics.““ weiterlesen

Home gym workout

Day 40&41 10.05-11.05.2018 Thursday&Friday


On Thursday my department manager took a day off because he already worked too much overtime during the last weeks. I think it is very convenient to have flexible
working hours in the IT when you have family. Today I asked the 2nd Line Support
Engineer how to map network drives per script and also about how to restrict usb ports to the users. Then I made some inquiries about how to create a link aggregation in visio. This knowledge could come in handy in case I’ll have to design a network. During the rest of the time I gathered information for my future CCNP route exam.

After my work I’ve met Niall for a workout session at his home studio. Therefore I had to walk to the Belfast Great Victoria Street Railway Station. It took me around 40 minutes to get there. I had to hurry to catch the train or otherwise we would have to take another which would need one hour to get to Moira. The express train only needed 25 minutes. „Home gym workout“ weiterlesen

Giang and I are doughnut friends forever!

At Thursday the 10th of May in 2018, on this day I went in my lunch break to “Tesco Metro” to buy Doughnut Rings. Later, as I arrived my accommodation I asked if Giang would like to be my donut friend forever and she said yes to me. I was so happy about her answer. 😀

„Giang and I are doughnut friends forever!“ weiterlesen


At Tuesday the 8th of May in 2018, I was really happy on this day, because I was waiting for my package from my mother. But I had no idea that the courier would come so late. He had a delay. On this day I started my documentation for my work. I never thought that will be so hard to explain something in English. But I gave my best. I had to write about my work in “WordPress” which plugins and widget I used.

„Aua!“ weiterlesen