„No one can deny the excitement of visiting another world.“

(quote from Bernard M Oliver.)

2nd of May in 2018:

Work is going well. But today I have to leave my job earlier because we got a visit from Mr Bavar, who is our Afib-coordinator and the instructor of ‚Freie Universität Berlin‘, for a small chat with a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. „„No one can deny the excitement of visiting another world.““ weiterlesen

Afib half time meeting

Day 32&33 02.05-03.05.2018

Wednesday and Thursday were a little bit different because I was allowed to leave work earlier because of a meeting. On  Wednesday I had a meeting with my afib coordinator from our homecompany organisation [Charité, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Free University Berlin).

He wanted to make sure that we had no issues with our work experience, accommodation or the company. We drank some coffee and hot chocolate together and ate tacos and burritos at “boojum”.

At the company I had to create a network route to a new printer, create new firewall rules and reactivate an account because a user had an issue with logging in to our domain. Afterwards I had to draw a network rack again for upcoming plannings. „Afib half time meeting“ weiterlesen

Great start in the new week

The new week started great for me we got some new Switches at work so i had something to do the whole day and after work i could finally go to the gym again. On Tuesday a colleague took me to his home for some GTA 5 we had good fun for a few hours until he drove home where i spent the evening with a housemate who cooked something.

We have reached the half time.

After the first half do you have to gain strength for the last half. In a football game do you have a break for this but not here. 30th of April in 2018 the first half is over, only one month left. On this day we had tow reasons to celebrate. Giang and Son move to us in our accomodation. In my break, I went fast at home to clean my room. After my work I gone to Giang and Son to help by pack. After the change of the accomodation, I cooked for us summer noodles with a lot of vegetables. After our dinner, we played „UNO“ in Dominiks room. Later we went in the bed.

„We have reached the half time.“ weiterlesen