„If you want to escape, you have to defeat the king.“

(quote from Son, one of my afib classmates)

13th of April in 2018:

First of all, I want to make clear that the jokes about King Dome and his afib domain are just for fun. And they based on a story, which occurred one year ago. I don’t want to embarrass Dominik. He is a great and talented guy.
By the way, Happy Birthday Dome, I wish you all the best, and please stay the way you are.

„„If you want to escape, you have to defeat the king.““ weiterlesen

The Preacher Escape room

Day 14 14.04.2018 Saturday


At the morning me and Giang visited the botanic garden. In the botanic garden you can go into a house with a lot of different plants. The garden is very clean. Visitors with dogs have to clean up after them. The place has also a large green area to chill at. If you ever live near to the Queen’s University area then you should visit it if you want to do some sports. It’s really good for some jogging or to get a bit of fresh air at a very quiet place. But it closes at sunset so make sure to get there early enough. „The Preacher Escape room“ weiterlesen

Today is my birthday

Today is Friday, the 13th of April. This is a very special day for me because I was born exactly 20 years ago.

Even before the day even started, I got the first congratulations and punctually at 0:00 clock I was called by Son and Giang, which also congratulate me.

After sleeping for a few more hours, Jenny, which prepared a whole plate of pancakes for me, woke me up in the morning. After I had eaten some pancakes, I went to the workplace. There I got to know a new employee, whom I had not seen before, and then I was allowed to go home again at 2 pm. „Today is my birthday“ weiterlesen

Dominiks Birthday

Day 13 13.04.2018 Friday


At work my task was to upgrade several “cisco Asa (Asa,ASDM,Firepower)” with the help of “Xlight a ftp server” for upcoming projects. Before that I had to look at the configuration which i had to apply yesterday because there were a few problems which I had to troubleshoot first, before I could finish it now. While the asa updates got installed, Richard showed me how he troubleshoots a network problem. He teached me a little bit about “Wireshark”(a network sniffer/ analyser program). It’s pretty cool that you can filter everything out, what you want to analyse. On this day I worked most of the time alone, to upgrade the Cisco Asa and troubleshoot network problems. Some problems really gave me a headache because they weren’t as straightforward as I thought. So I had to look up a lot of things to gain more knowledge to solve them. About some things I also had to ask Richard. He explained to me the ways it works. „Dominiks Birthday“ weiterlesen

„New Monday, new week, new goals.“

(quote from unknown author)

Because this week become routine, I only summarise the first days of the second week.

Monday 9th of April in 2018:
At work, I met new colleagues, who are returning from their holidays. There were a lot of persons. I still can’t remember all the names yet.
All in all nothing special happened today. „„New Monday, new week, new goals.““ weiterlesen

New network design

Day 11&12 11.-12.04.18 Wednesday&Thursday


On Wednesday I had to design a part of the network topology with microsoft visio. At the end of my work experience they want me to have the whole network infrastructure map in visio so they can look at it. Today i tested some configurations at cisco switches and cisco asa [firewall] devices which will later roll out into the live systems. To understand each configuration I had to compare them to see the differences more clearly for myself. „New network design“ weiterlesen

Sunshine in Belfast

Day 9&10 09.-10.04.2018 Monday&Tuesday


At Monday I couldn’t believe it, but there was a day in Northern Ireland there it didn’t rain for 24h. If you guys ever go to Ireland you better should enjoy every bit of sunshine you can get. Today my department manager came back from his holiday so he began to explain to me how the network topology looks like and the names convention that they use. „Sunshine in Belfast“ weiterlesen

„Each day is a little lifetime. Enjoy every moment.“

(quote from unknown)

8th of April in 2018:

One of the days with good weather.
Our plan for was to visit the St. George´s Market. It takes place in a hall (Indoor Market), where the exhibitors sell local art and craft and food. It holds a weekly market on Friday Variety Market, Saturday City Food and Garden Market, and Sunday Food, Craft and Antique Market. It was built between 1890 and 1896.

„„Each day is a little lifetime. Enjoy every moment.““ weiterlesen

„A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and the soul of its people.“

(quote from Mahatma Gandhi)

7th of April in 2018:

Sleeping is the best charging method for a human. So I slept until half-past nine a.m. and stayed in bed until 12 a.m. and watched series on Netflix. Nevertheless, the day started, and I decided to buy washing agent at Tesco Superstore. Of my clothes, there aren’t much left, which are clean, that’s why I have to wash them tomorrow.
After I had lunch, I decided to see some culture today. There are just seven weekends left, where I can experience the culture of Belfast. I want to enjoy the time here as much as I can. It feels like I wasted my first weekend by sleeping that much … „„A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and the soul of its people.““ weiterlesen

Explore the city

Even history has to be. In the early afternoon we decided to go to the city center today. At 3 pm we met in front of the City Hall. The City Hall of Belfast was built at the beginning of the 20th century and meanwhile serves as a museum. Since the entrance was free, we decided to go in and spend a little bit of time with the history of the city. In one room there was a throne on which one could sit down to take some pictures. Due to some backgrounds, which I will explain in more detail another time, I was forced to put on the robe and sit on the throne. „Explore the city“ weiterlesen