I Missed The Rain….

The weather was perfect for a relaxed Sunday.

It was raining with a maximum of 15 °C and it was so cloudy that we needed to turn on the lights during the day. I really don’t like this kind of weather and especially the less daylight because it feels like that the day doesn’t even starts.

In the afternoon I went to Dome, Phi and Jenny’s place. Son and Giang where a on GoT tour.
We had a long and funny ‘age of empires’ session.

Later on I started to prepare and cook goulash for dinner. In my opinion it is a challenge to cook for 6 people.
Firstly because of the equipment. I had to use four pots and had to cook the noodles in five rounds as the pots were too small.
Secondly it is hard to find to right amount and combination of spices. For example it was a bit to spicy for Jenny while Son said he didn’t recognized this at all.

Nevertheless it was fun to cook and will be continued in the future.



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  1. You did a quite well job Tim 😀 I am looking forward to having more of your cooking ^^‘ Sometimes I miss the time of cooking together with team ZEDAT :3

    By the way, I miss the rain too.

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