“Nothing lasts forever. Forever is a lie. All we have is what’s in between hello and goodbye.”

(quote from unknown)

29th of May in 2018:

This day was the last but one working day of my work experience in Belfast. I finished all my task, which were unfinished. Today flew by that fast.
In the evening we went for an Irish dinner at ‚Morning Star‘, a recommendation of Tim :D. The atmosphere for our last evening together in Belfast was great. Unfortunately, the paying process was problematic. At first, they told us to separate the receipt by ourselves and go and pay separately. Then at the cashier, they said us it isn’t possible to settle up one by one. In the end, we had to borrow money from Tim, who paid by card. When Tim was settling up, another staff told him that we could pay individually. It was such a mess!
The taste was delicious, but sadly the portion was too small for me. That’s why I had to go to Boojum and had a taco ^^‘. I like Tachos, after visiting Boojum.

30th of May in 2018:

My last day at Volunteer was today. I went to Tesco Express to buy a cake for the farewell. I often used to bring something to say: Goodbye‘ and also ‚Thank You‘. I met one colleague of mine there, and he asked me if it’s ok to spend that much money.
When I greet my supervisor in the morning like every day I used to do, she said I didn’t need to bring the cake, but she appreciates it a lot. She brought some pancakes and croissant for breakfast. And the tea break, which is generally at 10 a.m., was laid to half-past nine because a training session about diversity took place today at 10 a.m. Denise, one colleague, have to leave because of an extern meeting. She had a small chat with me before she went off.
The breakfast was wonderful. Everyone enjoyed it, my colleagues said some last words to me, and I also had to say something as well. I wasn’t prepared so that I have to improvise. Usually, I draw a paper, but I totally forgot it ^^‘ (I’m sorry.)
They were complimentary about me and my work but also sad that I have to leave. Sandra, another colleague, told me that she is going to miss my smile in the morning. I received a wonderful handmade card and a bracelet with a link ‚Thank you‘.
(Thank you to all my colleagues from volunteer now. I will miss you, too). Later I did a handover to Kelly and said goodbye to everyone, who wasn’t in the training session. At 11 a.m. I was allowed to leave and had finishing time.
I became hungry and went to Boojum. It was the last taco maybe. To be honest, I could also disclaim it. The taco tasted old and not crispy. The cashier wasn’t friendly. She threw my credit card on the counter like it was dirt. And when I said her goodbye, she turned away. She needs to attend a seminar for customer service again. I was upset, so that’s I filled in the feedback sheet.
Frustrated and sad, I left the Mexican bar and made my way to the Queen’s University. On my way there I visited Tim. I wanted to help him with his suitcase. ^^‘
Then he joined me to the Queen’s University. We took some pictures and enjoyed the weather or rather Tim did, and I hide in the shadows *snicker*
I bought myself a t-shirt from the university. Later we met Phi and went shopping at Carrol’s Giftshop. They need some souvenirs.
At home, the others bought some takeaways and Phi, and I had leftovers again ^^‘. Afterwards, I helped Dome and Phi with their suitcase. It was quite funny because for me it seems like a Tetris game *grin*.
In the evening, I prepared some sandwiches for tomorrows flight, and we cleaned the room and the dishes, put all our stuff in the backpacks and suitcases. We decided to stay awake until quarter to four because to sleep that less doesn’t make sense and the sleep rhythm will be destroyed.
At 3:45 a.m. the Taxi will come and take us to the Europa Bus Centre station, where we will take the bus to the Belfast International Airport.

Kin-Huong Giang-