„You see but you do not observe. The distinction is clear.“

(quote from Sherlock Holmes)

5th of May in 2018:

The first weekend in our new accommodation started early. At 9 a.m. Jenny and I made German pancakes and porridge with frost fruits. It was the first time I’ve ever made porridge *haha*. I had the idea to play Mr.X. It suits because today was warm weather and to do something without paying money is a good idea from time to time. And also good for your wallet *snicker*
Mr X based on the board game ‚Scotland Yard‘, where a team of players (game explanation) try to track down a single player. The group represent the police and hunt down the criminal one through the board. The board based on the map of London. ‚Mr X ‚ is the same but in reality. You can use the application ‚Mr X‘ for this game and play it everywhere you are at the moment but don’t forget the mobile web. This game is an excellent game to explore a new city.
Jenny and I, Son and Dominik were in a team. Robert, Phi and Jakob were alone. Phi was the first Mr X, and we had to track him and catch him. It was easy for Robert and Jakob because of his blue jumper. The second one was Dominik. He was easy to find as well because he took a picture of the Victoria Square. I was the last Mr X. The app had a problem and didn’t refresh that’s why everyone saw I would be in Tesco Metro. However, I was a ten-minutes walk far away from them. They couldn’t find me ^^‘ It was exhausting because of running that much but also funny. I found some murals during this game. You can find some here: Murals in Belfast

a mural, which you find a lot of them in Belfast

For dinner, we had Bibimbap, where Robert joined us. ‚bibim‘ means mixed and ‚bap‘ means rice in Korean. A Korean dish, where you mix up steamed rice, vegetables and fried eggs in one-bowl together with a spicy sauce. Of course, for the meat lovers, you can add meat as well. At least you need steamed rice and five colour components like orange (carrots), green (spinach) and yellow (the fried egg). We had to modify the recipe because of the ingredients, which Tesco or the Asia shop didn’t offer. It was quite delicious though. I had a lot of vegetables, which made me happy because I started to miss them here in Belfast. I highly recommend this dish.
An interesting article: Bibimbap


-Huong Giang-