Home gym workout

Day 40&41 10.05-11.05.2018 Thursday&Friday


On Thursday my department manager took a day off because he already worked too much overtime during the last weeks. I think it is very convenient to have flexible
working hours in the IT when you have family. Today I asked the 2nd Line Support
Engineer how to map network drives per script and also about how to restrict usb ports to the users. Then I made some inquiries about how to create a link aggregation in visio. This knowledge could come in handy in case I’ll have to design a network. During the rest of the time I gathered information for my future CCNP route exam.

After my work I’ve met Niall for a workout session at his home studio. Therefore I had to walk to the Belfast Great Victoria Street Railway Station. It took me around 40 minutes to get there. I had to hurry to catch the train or otherwise we would have to take another which would need one hour to get to Moira. The express train only needed 25 minutes.

It was my first time taking the train from Belfast.
At Moira we walked to a shop to get a preworkout coffee and some food. At his home
we started our train session at around 20.00 clock. Beforehand we did some mobility to warm up and prevent any injuries. Niall’s „olympic hex bar“ was custom made and the bar itself weighs already 41kg. Today’s program (just my weights +reps) was 1)5×4 deadlift 131 kg, 2)lifting strength sandbag 90kg 3 times (I couldn’t handle it. I only lifted it to the height of my hips and couldn’t go further because I was not used to the technique). 3) 3×4 Pull ups with some assistance (I’m sure that I’ve gained some weight in Belfast) 4) 3×5 bodyweight rows. 5) bodyweight Hamstring Leg Curls.

It sure was a taff workout for me because I didn’t lift any weights since the last workout.
I’ve only did some resistance bands exercises. Since it was already really late I stayed at his
On Friday we walked over to the „Moira Demesne“. The Demesne was very peaceful and
beautiful. Niall and I had to take different trains after the first station because his train wouldn’t go to the „Adelaide railway station“ where I had to get out to walk to my office.

At work I had to configure some switches, check some
Firewalls configs, create a VPN connection and solve a network issue.
I was very glad that my body wasn’t as sore after the workout as I thought it
would be, meaning my body (even if I didn’t train with weights that much in
Belfast) was able to cope with the workout without any problems.

I am very glad about the experiences I’ve made during the last two days.