„Did you make a copy of the config?“ – „Well, of course … not!“
That’s how it all started.

Last week, I wrote about the new tasks Robert and I had to do.
This week, it was all about certificates because the certificate ServiceClarity was using, will expire by the end of this week.

Our college Roger came up with the idea of using the free generated certs from certbot. So Robert and I generated some certificates, installed them and further tested it in various ways on the beta system.
As Roger was happy with the results, we exchanged the certificates on the productive system.

Unfortunately, while I changed the configuration, I made a copying mistake. As a result, their website was unavailable for a few minutes, causing me to sweat bullets.

Nevertheless, I fixed this problem soon, so the website went online again and I can say, I like those linux/server tasks very much.


The new certificate, generated by Certbot

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  1. You are working with ‚Clarity‘ too? Last week I had a meeting with one of the staff members of Clarity 😀

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