At Tuesday the 8th of May in 2018, I was really happy on this day, because I was waiting for my package from my mother. But I had no idea that the courier would come so late. He had a delay. On this day I started my documentation for my work. I never thought that will be so hard to explain something in English. But I gave my best. I had to write about my work in “WordPress” which plugins and widget I used.

Feel my pains

On this day I cooked Cabbage stuffed with meatballs. But I had to ask my mother before, how I have to cook this. At 8pm I received my package. And with joy I pushed my elbow on the wall. It hurt so much. I believe if nobody had been in the room I had start to cry.



At Wednesday the 9th of May in 2018, I continue my documentation on my work.

On this day Giang had to cook. We ate “Wan Tan” soup. It was so tasty. I ate so much that I had after my dinner stomach pain. I enjoy my time in Belfast with my great collogues so much. The time will be to fast over. I have the feeling the time will running away.