„There is nothing special in the world, nothing magic, just physics.“

(quote from Chuck Palahniuk)

First of all, I recognise that my blog entries are short. I am sorry for it, but nothing special happens during the week, where I can write a lot of content about it. Maybe I got used to the life here, and not many things surprise me anymore. I think because of that.
Usually, after work, I go home and have dinner with the others or relax and enjoy my time here. I hope my entries will be longer on the weekend *snicker* ^^‘.

8th of May in 2018:

The first workday of the 6th week of my work experience is today. At the moment I am continuing to edit the contacts in the Excel sheet. It has a lot of rows. Maybe you ask yourself, why it needs such a lot of time to do a task like that. But I have to check if the data are correct and have to check up the address. Sometimes it is very confusing when three different websites have non-identical locations.
In the afternoon, Tim has visited us, and Jenny made us cabbage rolls. It was quite good. We talked about our day, and at half past ten, Tim had to go home. It was a regular day.

9th of May in 2018:

At work, I have finished the first part of edit the formatting of the excel contact sheet. 645 lines! It was a lot of work. And tomorrow I will start with the second part of the other paper, which I received from another colleague.
Because somebody wished for dumplings *cough Son cough*, I decided to made Wonton for today’s dinner. Wontons are Chinese dumplings. We cooked together, and Dome made fruit salad for dessert. Unfortunately, he cut his finger with the spine(!) of the bread knife. I mean he pressed his finger on the backbone of the blade. Yes, after the action with the mushrooms on his birthday, I think Dome isn’t that skilful when it is about kitchen stuff. *smirk* (I am sorry, Dome).

10th of May in 2018:

Primarily I should work until half past four and then go to the Newry office with a colleague to check the pcs there. But sadly, she had a training session. I was sad about it. My supervisor told me that there is another opportunity maybe the next days. But I was successful about my work paper. I merged the contacts from my colleagues.
Because Son didn’t have dinner with us (He worked out at the gym or rather a private gym of an acquaintance of his.), we went outside and ordered a meal at ‚Gaze‘ for taking away. Jenny was busy with protecting a cat that’s why Phi, Dome and I went first to ‚Gaze‘. I was sleepy and went early to bed. *cough cough (at half-past 11 p.m.)*
At home, I wrote my blog entries and edited some of them. (I am somewhat a perfectionist when it is about the format of something :D) I wanted to watch a movie or some episodes of a series, but of my high ability to take decisions *cough cough*, sadly I didn’t watch anything in the end. I only looked at the offers of Netflix, which are different than in Germany because of licences. They are much better. Even Crunchyroll is much better than in Germany.

11th of May in 2018:

Ultimately it’s Friday. I went to Newry with a colleague of mine. At one p.m. she picked me up, and we went by car to the Newry office of volunteer now. The drive took us one hour. During that, we talked about British school systems, the weather, driving licenses in UK and journeys around the world.
Comparing to Belfast, Newry is a smaller town. The office was in a building called Bally Bot house. I had to check the pcs and laptops in the office, set up the connection to the new server farm and configure the outlook mailbox for the colleagues. Luckily I completed my task after one hour and waited for my colleague to pick me up and show me the way to the bus station. Then I went back to Belfast by bus.
In the evening I made Yakisoba (It was a challenge from Son.), which was ok but not persuading. Maybe I will prefer the plain version of soba. The closure for the day was a movie ‚Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle‘ with nachos, cheese and a lot of dips.

-Huong Giang-