Belfast Titanic Museum | Titanic Quarter

Day 42 12.05.2018 Saturday


On Saturday my roommates and I visited the Belfast Titanic Museum.

I realized that I was already pretty near to the museum when I’ve visited Agnew Porsche the last time because this site is located in the Titanic Quarter.

In the museum, you can learn about the different stages of the construction of the Titanic. You can also gather some background information like the reason why the Titanic was built in Belfast or how it was launched.

There was also a small Titanic Museum Roller Coaster where you can hear conversations of the construction workers and see images while the carriage moved through the different stages. It was really interesting to hear what they were thinking.

It was also very interesting to see examples of the interior that was used for the different rooms and classes.
One of the things which were most interesting was the 3D Ship Tour. There you had 3
walls with screens which displayed the whole ship. The tour took you from the machine to the ship control room. It looked very realistic because you had a 3d view on everything.
At „the Sinking“ stage you were really able to feel the desperation of the people which
were trapped on the ship because of the atmosphere. The room became very dark and you
could hear the real voices of the survivors of the Titanic. They spoke several phrases into the
telephone. On the wall, you could see some parts of the emergency call of the Titanic
in Morse code. It was very sad.

In the end, there was a „Myths&Reality“ stage where you could answer questions on a terminal and see if you guessed right.

The last thing you could see in the museum was the „Titanic Beneath The Ocean Exploration“. Here they their recordings from Dr.Ballard’s team which discovered the wrecks in 1985.

The floor was made out of glastiles through which you could see images of the Titanic as if you are flowing above it.

With our ticks we were also able to visit the ship outside of the Titanic Museum with the name „SS Nomadic“ which is the last remaining White Star Line ship in the world. The Nomadic was restored to her original glory and brought back home.

On board of the ship, we felt like being on the Titanic because the design was quite similar.

But since I’m not really into ships, I wasn’t that impressed.

Considering the admission fee (18,50 pound) I still wouldn’t recommend visiting the Titanic Museum. I think that half of the price would be reasonable but 18,50 are very expensive.