HM Prison Crumlin Road

Day 43 13.05.2018 Sunday


On Sunday I’ve visited the Crumlin Road Gaol Prison. Unfortunately, we couldn’t participate in a night/paranormal tour because we weren’t enough people (15 were needed) for the tour. Therefore the day tour was the only possibility.

At the beginning of the tour, we saw the rooms where the prisoners had to take off their personal clothes and let their hair get shaved off. Then they took us to the director’s room and the key storage room. And then we entered the prison.

It was like the type of prison you usually know from movies. I think this was my first time that I saw one from inside with my own eyes.

The tour guide gave us some information about each prison wing and told us there the different groups of prisoners used to be quartered. We only were allowed to see one of wings.

In there we saw exhibition rooms about the prison life.

The exhibition consisted out of manikins which were interacting with each other. We were also able to see a padded cell.

The guide took us also to the Death row room. The Death row is a special section of a prison that houses inmates who are awaiting execution after being sentenced to death. The room had a bet, a chair, and desk. Additionally, it had a toilet room. The scariest thing was, that the execution chamber was just next to the toilet room. In movies, you usually see the dead man walkthrough where the prisoner which is to be executed has to walk through to the execution chamber. But in this prison, it was next right to the room. All the time. It is very scary when you think about it: the prisoner had to spend the rest of his lifetime next to his death room. Being reminded of his fate all the time.

The chamber contained 3 ropes with which the prisoners were hung to death.

After the execution chamber, the guide took us to the outside to the working area of the prisoners.
On the wall, there was an original signature engraved from a prisoner on the wall.
Afterward, he showed us the Crumlin Road Gaol Tunnel where the prisoners would be led through if they didn’t want others to see them. This was happening for several reasons.

For example: the prisoner couldn’t escape that easy. Simultaneous the prisoner was save from attacks from the outside.
I must say that the prison tour was very good. I hope that I’ll get the chance to see the
night tour as well.