„Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!“

(quote from Constanze Mozart )

17th of May in 2018:

The handover of the document was today. My supervisor was satisfied with it. *Yes :D* My task continued by testing with colleagues, explaining everything about the new server farm. It is fantastic and makes fun to talk in English. To communicate with others with only one language is lovely. I enjoy it a lot.
Leon owned me a meal, so we decided to have dinner together. Leon, Jakob, who joined us, and I tested the small restaurant ‚bia rebel ramen‘. On our way there I run into Victoria. First I didn’t recognise her because of my myopia, or well-known short-sightedness. We talked a bit, she recommended me some restaurants, and lucky enough she also wanted to have Ramen for dinner. The menu card was well-arranged, the staffs were capable and nice. I enjoyed this dish a lot because it was delightful and Ramen it’s my favourite dish. After passing the shop ‚Centra‘, we had to have ice cream because it smiled at us and said: ‚Come on, have one.‘. By good fortune, the scoops were quite large compared to the one I had yesterday. Also, Victoria told me to appreciate this weather because in Belfast it used to rain a lot. To not measure up to the prejudice of IT students, we played basketball or the game ’21‘. It was great, and I wish to have a basketball too at the time, which I stayed here.

18th of May in 2018:

Work is going well. In the evening we had Chilli con Carne, which wasn’t much spicy. It was a shame because I can’t to much flavoursome dishes cause of my wound. But I started to enjoy tasty meals with lots of chillies (maybe of the influence of Tim and Son ^^‘). I promised Tim to go to a club with them one day, so that day was today. I was sleepy, so I napped a little before we left the house. Our destination was ‚Limenight‘, which located in the centre. We arrived at half past nine, which was early because the club opened from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. The admission took us 5 pounds, and we even got a coupon for free entry for the next week. During our waiting time, I got a phone call from a friend. ‚Limenight‘ has a pub in the anteroom and if you go deeper in the pub, there will be a ’secret door‘ to the club with the dancefloor.
In the beginning, there were quite a few persons, but as time passed and more guest the club has. The music was ok but not my taste, to be honest. I prefer other music styles. We danced and enjoyed the time there until the club turned on the lights at 2 a.m. to let the guest left the club. We walked home and discussed the plans for today. About half-past 3 a.m. finally, I could go to bed.
After this day I have to say it was a pleasant day, but I don’t have to repeat to revisit a club*^^‘ I am sorry guys, but I am not the type for those kinds of evenings.*

19th of May in 2018:

After a long night, I indulge in sleeping until 11 a.m. because I went to bed at 3.30 a.m. ^^‘ I didn’t plan anything for today, so I had the idea to buy souvenirs. Because of skipping breakfast and just had a ginger tea, the long-awaited visit of Jonh Longs’s Fish’Chips restaurant came today. The restaurant has served Fish’Chips for about 100 years. The waitress was very friendly. Later on, Robert joined us to buy presents for family and friends. After nearly one hour passed, I bought quite a lot, and in the end, I had to prepare a package to send them to Germany because I don’t have any weight left for the presents. My suitcase doesn’t have space either.
For dinner, we decided to implement Son’s idea of a finger food day. Buying at Tesco Metro, preparing the food, having dinner together and playing lots of games finished the last but one Saturday of our work experience in Belfast. Son, Robert and I had to go to bed early because tomorrow the Game of Thrones tour expected us. The day was hilarious.

A long time ago *cough cough ok it was on the 8th of April in 2018* I’ve written down my To-Do list. Let’s see what I’ve already done:

  • [x] seeing a lot of attractions or places :
    [x] Titanic Museum
    [  ] Belfast Castle
    [x] Crumlin Road Gaol
    [x] The Dark Hedges
    [x] Giant’s Causeway
  • [x] having fish and chips
  • [x] having an English breakfast
  • [x] visiting an Irish pub and having an Irish beer
  • [  ] improving my English language (I don’t know it yet)
  • [  ] doing a Black Cab Taxi Tour (I am not doing it because I almost saw everything, which a black cab taxi tour would visit.)
  • [x] having fun1

All in all, I have to say I could complete a lot of those points from my list. Some ideas I have to omit, but I don’t mind.

-Huong Giang-