Last 10 Days

Day 51&52 21.05.2018-22.05 Monday&Tuesday


On Monday Jakob and I worked on our presentation. Additionally, I had to
update the disk space for a server, troubleshoot an ACL Firewall rule with my
department manager, reactivate an account for a third company user for a limited
time and move the network devices which were operating to deploy the new network
design on it.

Unfortunately, we came across a problem because there were some IP conflicts and we had to update the configuration.
On Tuesday we updated a network route for a host, so that they wouldn’t get interrupted while we worked. We had a problem with our antivirus system on a server because the system
consumed 98% of the CPU usage and ram. We dismantled the old devices of the branch to get them ready for the new network topology.

Later I’ve asked my department manager if he could give me any tips for my future exams.