Afib half time meeting

Day 32&33 02.05-03.05.2018

Wednesday and Thursday were a little bit different because I was allowed to leave work earlier because of a meeting. On  Wednesday I had a meeting with my afib coordinator from our homecompany organisation [Charité, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Free University Berlin).

He wanted to make sure that we had no issues with our work experience, accommodation or the company. We drank some coffee and hot chocolate together and ate tacos and burritos at “boojum”.

At the company I had to create a network route to a new printer, create new firewall rules and reactivate an account because a user had an issue with logging in to our domain. Afterwards I had to draw a network rack again for upcoming plannings.

On Thursday I’ve troubleshooted a faulty port at the car workshop and configured the VLANS for a certain switchport. For some customers I had to create temporary acl rules for apple devices so that they could use them without any restrictions. Afterwards my department manager and checked some issues with “isap”.

Before we went to the Intern Europe meeting where they gave us the Europass formula, which confirmed that I’ve completed a work experience in Belfast at the Agnew Group LTD. It also described the tasks I had to fulfill, the duration of the work experience as well as the name of my school and other important informations.

We also had to install some computer workplaces so that the associates could use a company computer or a laptop docking-station via a kvm switch. This brought the advantage that the associates only had to press a button (from the kvm switch) to switch the output anytime. It will redirect the output to the other devices but you still can use the same monitors, mice and keyboards for the two devices without unplugging them. Thats is a big advantage because the employees are very mobile with this setup and can work while speaking freely to a guest. Lucky for me this site was at porsche so I could see very nice cars again and take a picture with one of the cars.

P.S.: I think I like the porsche site the most of all agnew departments.