„Although the world is not perfect, it is yet the best that is possible.“

(quote from Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz)

4th of May in 2018:

After an agreement, I will write about my past and my current accommodation because I wasn’t sure if it’s appropriate to show these picture here.

First of all, I want to say sorry for all the readers, who will be disgusted by the following images.
The situation looked like the following pictures when Son and I moved into the house. I think I didn’t have to explain because a picture is worth a thousand words.

We reported a lot to InternEurope, but I got the feeling the longer we stay here, the more things got broken.
Of course, the home wasn’t pleasant. But for me, the most unfair situation was when InternEurope said ‚You have to stay clean and tidy in your accommodation.‘ to us at the Introduction meeting. But how are we supposed to stay tidy and clean from the beginning if we face a situation like that from the start?
Now I am staying with Son, Phi, Jenny and Dome in one house. I am comfortable here. And I love the kitchen! It’s a dream for a hobby cook to have such a fabulous accoutrement. The evenings are amusing every day because every time we meet at Dome’s room and talk or play games or enjoy the time together. (Sorry Dome ^^‘ ) Often Son wants to stay awake and make a party because we don’t have much time left and each of us get older xD. Thank you guys, for this lovely time.
You can see our new house:

I continue the content of this blog entry by telling about my evening, where the negative events followed.
After work Jenny, Phi, Dome, Son and I went to an Indian restaurant, which has a lot of excellent evaluations. It was ‚The Naz Indian Cuisine‘. Unfortunately, the judgement applied to it. We had to wait for 20 minutes to get the starter and another 40 minutes to get the main dish comparing to other guests, who arrived after us. The starter was better than the main dish. I have to admit, that this restaurant visit didn’t persuade me, because for me it’s important not to have a delicious meal but also excellent customer service. It wasn’t worth to leave my money there. Such a waste :(. This visit was the second time I was disappointed when I had dinner or lunch outside of my accommodation.

-Huong Giang-