Day 34 04.05.2018 Friday


Like every Friday my department manager and I did some server clean up to free some space. We’ve been informed that one site didn’t display a wifi SSID so we had to create a new VSC Profile at the wireless controller. At this VSC Profile you had to define the display name (SSID) as well as the authentication it uses, etc. After a while we’ve received a message that one laptop couldn’t open an internal website. That’s why my department manager showed me some Network Policy Server (NPS) and  Radius server. He thought that it might be an authentication problem. Unluckily this wasn’t the case so we had to check if an ACL (firewall rule) was blocking it. We also made sure that the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) was not blocked so we could open it without getting blocked if it was needed to get access to the resources. We discovered that only the specific laptop didn’t had access to the internal resources. The reason for it was that the internet browser was outdated so the server didn’t trust the client. After the updating the browser everything worked fine.

During my spare time my roommates and I went out to eat indish. It was very unsatisfying  because it was way to expensive, didn’t taste that well and the portion was very, very small.

I still had to get something else to eat afterwards to be full. I wasn’t expecting this after eating a meal for 25 pounds (starter + main + sides dishes).

Back home we’ve decided to watch a movie.