Belfast City Marathon 2018 | #Hit the firewall | Feast day

Day 37 07.05.2018 Monday


On Monday I had a day off from work because of it being a feast day. I stayed at home because the blister on my foot was still very painful. It wasn’t getting any better because of my new business shoes and the fact that I had to walk much more than I was used to in Berlin. While I stayed at home and didn’t move at all, my IT-team from agnew was taking part in the Belfast City Marathon 2018 to raise money for the Cancer Fund for Children. The Agnew group aimed to raise 150 000 pound in 2 year for this cause.

In the intranet I found many articles about different events that they already contributed to. It really impressed because they’ve already raised a lot of money.

One of this events was the marathon. They also participated in events like the “Climb Slieve Donard” which is a part of the Mourne Mountains. It is the highest peak in Northern Ireland and in the wider province of Ulster. During the event you have to climb it.

Another event was the “Causeway Coastal Challenge” where you have to walk 10 miles between the Carrick-a-Rede and Giant’s Causeway, etc. At christmas they collected new unwrapped toys for children who didn’t had the luck to receive anything from Santa Claus.

In my opinion it is a very good movement to follow (even if this should only be a PR move, which I doubt because the people I’ve met in my IT department are full with zeal about this topic). This act will give hope to people who lost it on the road of their life and enable them to gain strength to live their life the way they want to or enrich their lifes. A small action like this could have a big impact on another person’s life. It can be an opportunity to help out each other.

If you do something good for somebody, he might end up returning this gift, when he helps out another person and so on. The idea behind this is, that when you start helping any person, everyone will end up helping each other, but you have to start the action first or no one else will. I will link a few of the intranet articles. They are very short but there are many of them. I will also post an external post.

Ever since reading these articles I am even more proud to work for this company. I don’t know why it inspired me so much. It really touched my heart. Everytime you can you should try to help someone out because someday you might need help as well.

Actions like these make us humans more human because we start to care for each other.