Limelight morning | Anticipation of game of thrones tour

Day 49 19.05.2018 Saturday


We stayed at the club till the early Saturday morning and didn’t leave until 2:00 a.m.  Leaving the club we had finish our drinks first because you are not allowed to take them outside with you.

Because of the long night we slept very long on Saturday.

Unluckily we forgot to buy something to eat the day before. Giang really wanted to eat fish and chips in Northern Ireland so we went to “John Long”. They serve really good fish and large chips. I have one tip for you: if you buy the battered fish you won’t get as many chips as with the battered fish super menu but you’ll have to pay 3,50 pound less. After the meal, we went to the souvenir shop “Carrolls Gifts & Souvenirs” at the Belfast Centre because everyone wanted to get some souvenir for their friends and family.

We decided to buy something for our headteacher who taught us a lot of things about
networking and supported us to get the CCNA routing and switching. It was also a kind of fairwell gift because after my work experience we will get a new headteacher.

Afterwards we went to tesco to buy some food for our “finger food day”. The concept of this day was to prepare many small servings of food, so everyone could just take a bit of everything to combine them.
All in all I have to say that this day wasn’t to special because. We were still tired
from the night before. Additionally some of us had to go to bed early because of the the game of thrones tour we’ve planned for the next day.