Bel(quote from Tim R.)

27th of May in 2018:

The day started quite relaxing. I finished to pack my luggage and enjoyed that Sunday.
Of course, we had to go to the Belfast Spring Continental Market. Now I have time and place in my blog entry to talk about this beautiful and impressive food market. The food market had a lot of booths from different nations as Italian, Greek, French with freshly made savoury pastries, Spain with paella, Netherlands, with Dutch pancakes, Germany, with currywurst and bratwurst sausages or ostrich or venison burger from the exotic meats of the World Traders. Besides they also offer handcrafted and bespoke local products.
I love this market, and I wish can come back again next year to try more of those specialities. For a hobby cook like me, it was a dream to go to this festival.
The third day of the festival, of course, I had to go with the others. I had the potato tornado (I don’t have the picture, may you can see it at Phi’s blog) and Belfast Bubble Waffle)

Phi, Dome, Jenny, Tim and I decided to have leftovers for dinner. Robert joined us because I didn’t want him to have dinner alone and he brought all his card games. We got our new housemates, which are two girls from Italy.
Son got a visit from his friend and girlfriend. In the evening, we played ‚Werwolf‘ and ‚Der große Dalmuti‘, which turned out very funny. I wanted to go bed early, but I was kept back ^^‘

28th of May in 2018:

Spring Bank Holiday was today. We tried different sort of Oreo cookies
But I had to continue with the contact list of the excel sheet. Luckily Jenny and Dome helped me. Thank you, guys 🙂
Belfast Spring Continental Market Day 4 started at noon. I wish I went the whole five days instead of just five. The atmosphere, the people, the food and the music and even the weather was brilliant. Sunny and warm temperatures. We had to go without Son because he had to work today, which was unfair in my eyes. But I was full because of breakfast, I only had a smoothie and another Belfast Bubble Waffle.
After the festival, we went to the Botanic Garden to enjoy the weather. Later we went home and discussed the plans for the next days. We want to keep the leftovers as less as possible, and that’s why we had to have dinner outside. I dispensed with my meal because I had to finish my contact list. It was such a long list.
The others visited GAZE, an Asian restaurant, for takeaway. I looked myself in my room and continued my work. Suddenly Jenny and Dome came into my room and jumped on my bed. They wanted to have dinner with me. Thank you, guys 🙂 They brought me a crispy duck salad, so we decided to have dinner with others in the living room. All in all, the three free days were relaxing and pleasant. I will miss the day here in Belfast. In three days I will be back in Germany. I am looking forward to it.

-Huong Giang-

By the way, let me explain the quote of this entry. Today when Phi borrowed Tim’s power supply unit without asking him. Later Tim asked where his PSU it, and I pointed to Phi’s laptop, Tim said: ‚Frog (but in German)‘ and I started to laugh. In German, it sounds quite funny.