Preparing Presentation | Limelight Belfast

Day 48 18.05.2018 Friday


On Friday I had to depploy the network devices for one branch and prepare the network to ensure that everything was functional. We verified the access point spots again and
discovered that some ap were dislocated.

My supervisor asked us (Jakob and me) to create a 10-15 minute presentation about our work experience, including trained skills, things learned as well as our projects.

At night we visited the nightclub “lightlime”. Unfortunately we went there to early so we arrived at 21:00 p.m. when the nightclub was still closed because of an event. It was a tribute to prince, the singer of “purple rain”. So we stayed at the lightlime pub next to the club. We didn’t know that the lightlime location had 3 areas. One event area, the pub and the nightclub. They are connected to each other so you don’t have to go outside to enter another area. „Preparing Presentation | Limelight Belfast“ weiterlesen

Gym and Basketball

The week after the bank holiday was over very fast, i finally had something to do at work again and hand some great workouts at the gym. On thursday and friday we went to Ormeau Park and played some great rounds of Basketball with people we just met. So far a great week.

Training Placement Certificate | Intern Europe

Day 46&47 16.05-17.05.2018 Wednesday & Thursday


On Wednesday I left the office earlier because Intern Europe informed me that I had to
collect my „Training Placement Certificate“. This document confirmed that I did a work
experience in Agnew group. At the office, I had to tidy up the server room and get
rid of the stuff that wasn’t required anymore. I helped Jakob to move his devices because he had so many of them.

For this day Intern Europe had also organized a treasure hunt event which I was not a part of because I was to tired. I heard from schoolmates that they had to walk around for 2 hours: from the city hall to the Titanic Quarter. They had to answer questions about certain attractions in Belfast. At the end, they received a free drink and were in a pub. „Training Placement Certificate | Intern Europe“ weiterlesen

„Have fun because that’s what life is about.“

(quote from Ryan Lochte)

14th of May in 2018:

The last but one week started today. My supervisor was absent until tomorrow. I still got my current task, to set up the users at Outlook of Microsoft Office 365.
At home, a funny situation happened. Son often arrived home late, that’s why he can’t make dinner for us. Therefore he used to help sometimes, i.e. taking the trash out or cutting vegetables. Today Son learned that our accommodation has a second rubbish bin. It doesn’t sound funny but let me reconstruct the conversation, which has occurred today: „„Have fun because that’s what life is about.““ weiterlesen

My first time cooking

After I came back from work, I had to go outside again, because I was cooking today and needed some ingredients. Honestly, I can not cook at all and apart from the fact that I’ve been warming up a few things so far, I have not cooked anything yet. Anyway, today my ‚dear with apprentices’ has forced me to cook samosas. For those who do not know samosas, they are stuffed dumplings, originally from India. „My first time cooking“ weiterlesen

Visit the construction site


On Monday my department manager showed me how to troubleshoot problems with a pc
remotely. Also, we checked for updates for the servers. The reason for that was that on
this weekend there was an issue which had to be solved. He showed me the script they
used to back up the server. Later on, we swapped failed firewalls with new ones
because they’ve been operating for too long already.
On Tuesday we created a Firewall rule for a printer so users could print on the new
printer. We installed a new router and swapped the old one because he
didn’t work properly anymore. There was also a problem with the VPN connection to another department which we had to troubleshoot. „Visit the construction site“ weiterlesen

Barbecue and a Bank Holiday well spent

Since we expected great weather on last sunday I went to the gym very early at the morning so I would have enough time in the afternoon. After a meal at Maggy Mays i went to the park with some people from our group where we chilled in the sun for a few hours. As the sun started to go down we had a great BBQ in their garden with some flatmates and since monday was a bank holiday we went to a pub afterwards.  On monday i woke up with a huge headache and spent most of the day at home until we went to the park for some basketball again.