„May your troubles be less, and your blessings be more. And nothing but happiness come through your door.“

(An Irish blessing)

28th of April in 2018:

This Saturday, we decided to journey to Dublin. The day started at Europa Bus Station at 9 a.m. I met the others at half-past eight to get the bus tickets printed out. After that, we got into the bus X2, the ‚Goldline‘ from Translink. What makes it specials is the route, where the bus only stops at Dublin Airport and Dublin Busara Bus Station in Dublin. The travel took us about two hours and just cost £17, where the return is inclusive. „„May your troubles be less, and your blessings be more. And nothing but happiness come through your door.““ weiterlesen

Let’s go to Dublin!

Like almost every Saturday here in Belfast, I got up very early today because we planned a tour to Dublin today. I have already made my food for the tour a day before and all necessary things were packed. At 7:50, Dominik, Jenny and I headed for the European Buscentre. There we met Son, Giang, Tim, Giuliano and Robert. The always super organized and reliable Giang already bought the tickets for us and we got on the bus and the bus left at 9am. „Let’s go to Dublin!“ weiterlesen

Exploring Dublin for one day

Day 28 28.04.2018 Saturday



On Saturday we went to Dublin by bus. Our journey began at 9:00 in front of the “Europa hotel” in Belfast at the main bus station. It took us about 2 hours to get to Dublin. We stayed till 9 o’clock in the evening so we’ve planned a lot of things to do but we couldn’t decide which ones we wanted to do first.

In Dublin, the first thing I’ve noticed was, that the way it was built reminded me of a part of Berlin, which looks very similar. The second thing was that the traffic lights play a very amusing sound when they turn green for pedestrians. The sound remembered me a little bit of a song which I was listening to the day before. It started with a little *peeew* followed by little rhythmic beats. It’s difficult to describe. „Exploring Dublin for one day“ weiterlesen

„There are some things you can’t get back, like words after they’re said and time once it’s gone.“

(quote from unknown)

23th of April – 27th of April in 2018:

Just a summary, because there isn’t enough content to write.
My week is nearly over. The weekend is left …
„„There are some things you can’t get back, like words after they’re said and time once it’s gone.““ weiterlesen

Playing some pool at Laverys | Meeting with my english teacher

Day 27 27.04.2018 Friday


On Friday my department manager took me to Agnew Van Centre / Agnew Volkswagen to configure the router for the cctv problem. If you don’t know what CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is: CCTV is the term used when cameras are used to capture images. These images are relayed back to a CCTV control room where they are monitored and recorded. This is normal in Northern Ireland because you find them everywhere so every company has to install them (for what I know). Therefore we had to make sure that the CCTV was working properly. We checked the port forwarding, the nat translation, and the routers. „Playing some pool at Laverys | Meeting with my english teacher“ weiterlesen

My working week

Since I can not write too much about my work, I will now summarize what I’ve done the last few days there.

As I wrote in another blog entry, I am in the process of creating a website that supports WordPress. I had to adjust some functions manually, because the plugins of WordPress with the theme of the website was not fully compatible. „My working week“ weiterlesen

Catch a cold | Begin of Project 2

Day 25&26 25 – 26.04.2018 Wednesday&Thursday



On Wednesday I refined my PowerShell script because I didn’t like the format of the file size. It displayed everything in KB and if the file size was huge the number was very huge too so that it was difficult to read if you were trying to analyze the data. Today my department manager gave me the new preparations for the second project. Instead of redesigning an old network I had to design a new one for a new site while the old site is still operating. „Catch a cold | Begin of Project 2“ weiterlesen