Belfast Friendship Club

Today was my second time at the Belfast Friendship Club, the whole meeting is always for free but helping them to get everything ready if you arrived early or having sometime afterwards for cleaning up and recreating some order in the room is a given in my opinion.

The atmosphere there is always a calm one and as last week i found someone to play a round chess. This time it was a realy long game of chess and nearly consumed the full 2 hours of the club meeting. What really surprised me was that some of the people I met last time remembered my name. Next week i will try to find a group that is playing domino, the one you play with 2 to 4 people against each other and not the one where you are just placing stones and make them fall.

A change of plans, but not much else

I was supposed to go to Eastbourne tomorrow, to help set up a new office of Twin. That has been pushed to monday as only one other IT staff is currently available at Twin HQ and he would have to accompany me, leaving noone to work as the frequently needed IT support.

Other than that, nothing of interest happened during the past 3 days.

Can someone stop the rain, please?

I woke up in the morning, took a look out of the window and as expected darkness and raining.
I went out of the house and I saw no bus coming, so I walked to the next bus stop, which is around 500 meter away. At this bus stop are 3 buses that I could take. Unfortunately, the 500 meters were already enough to get all clothes soggy.
Arrived at work, I continued programming. For lunch I bought a salad with some chicken this time (something green looks healthy). After lunchtime I had a meeting with my colleague. He asked me about my progress.

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Early May Bank Holiday

This Monday was Early May bank holiday which meant that we didn’t have to go to work and thus had a long weekend. I didn’t do anything special on that day. Steven and I did some more of our laundry and while the laundry was in the washing machine I used the time to write some blog entries and watch some videos.
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