Cute evening

Today I would like to say something about my previous evening. I went out for my daily workout as usually. First I walked to a supermarket and bought an apple as a snack. Afterwards, I went directly to a park which is near there. As I arrived there I went to the bars and started with my workout. After some minutes a family showed up with their 2 kids. The kids stopped and tried the same things like me. They also asked, if I could show them some workouts. Of course I did and they had a lot of fun. The parents were smiling too.

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A day of different work

My Oyster Card had expired. I realized it when I tried to gain access through the gate of our train station. After reloading I had still five minutes of time for taking my train.
At the company, I finished bundling sports T-shirts for a big charity walk, the Lomdon Legal Walk. The company I work for, DocuLand, is the official T-shirts‘ supplier. I made one bundle per order by repacking them to their packages correspondingly. When I was finish I should count how many were unassigned.
Later, I updated the excel table by adding the latest orders. I also updated another table which contains the orders of all the sports T-shirts separately. Because since Friday there came at least several new orders.
For lunch I met a good friend of mine who studies in London. We had some pizza and sat outside chatting. It started raining a bit but we did not care.
Later, an employee introduced me in how to fill data about the amount of T-shirts into the table. For every order I filled the details so the amount of every size ordered by the different organizations. Before, however, I should update the order list on the company’s NAS. In the file system there is a added a folder each order and inside the email needs to be added.
For dinner after a long look at Covent Garden I discovered a nice pasta place from Timeout magazine.
In the evening I went running. The host family’s children Nathan and Miya didn’t want to go with me. Miya said she needed to learn. At the same time I saw a YouTube video paused on her laptop screen. I said ”That seems to be tough learning“ but she did not care. And Antonin was not there yet. So I went alone and left at around ten past nine. I ran around Abbey Wood Park for 10 kolometers and saw at least six foxes.

Another Bank Holiday

Monday was free for me due to the bank holiday so I slept out after I showered myself and ate something Nickolas and I went to the Camden Market. We thought it would be fuller because of the bank holiday but it wasn’t that full so we got over the market pretty quick. At the end we just ate a pretty good burger on the market and then went back home. „Another Bank Holiday“ weiterlesen