A Calm third Week

Yesterday was a calm day again and so I did some self-study again but before that I installed Microsoft Office 365 on two client and removed Outlook-accounts from PCs so they could synchronize with a new email address, on another changed the update settings from monthly updates to semi-annual. After work I met up with Nickolas and Artin in a pub.

Today I just installed some software on a client PC with the required software so they could brought back. For lunch I got invited by a colleague, we wanted to go to a German bakery but it was closed unfortunately so we went to an Italian place to get some good sandwiches. After work I met up with Nickolas and Artin again to go to a pub. In the evening I just watched some YouTube videos.

A really good day

I don’t want to explain my work again today, it’s every day the same, I go there, do some programming tasks and then I go home. But today I went to the centre of London after work for some sightseeing. I also used the train for first time to go in the centre. I used once the train but not in this area because it’s very expensive.
It was something completely new. In front of the train doors were other doors to prevent falling on the rails. The doors opened only when the train was there. In Berlin you have to look where the train door will be but here you already know it.

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Summary of the week and an uncommon working day

Today is friday and the weekend is nearly there but what really marks this day as a special one is that today i am all alone at our workspace. There are some meetings there have to do and all the other work will be done remotly. I am able to contact them over Slack if any urgent issue comes up. All non urgend problems i found are going to be documented on Wrike as detailed as possibile. „Summary of the week and an uncommon working day“ weiterlesen

A friday full of work

As usual, all complaints come in on a Friday, shortly after or during lunch break.
I spent the morning wiping hard drives and doing a bit of research as there wasn’t anything else to do.
After lunch a coworker and I had to create around 20 new user accounts, set up a new workstation, set up three additional monitors for coworkers and untangle quite a few wires of all sorts which where left over from closed down offices.
Before leaving we discussed how to handle the trip to Eastbourne and what we had to do and bring with us.

I am unsure if we have everything we need, but the suitcase is already full and fairly heavy, so anything missing will need to be packaged and sent there.

Still: I am looking forward to it!