A whole lot of work

The last two days came and went pretty fast.

I spent almost the whole day yesterday, on cleaning laptops and installing clean windows images onto them.
Well, today i spent all day wiping loose harddrives and those inside of the laptops, using tools like ‚dban‘ or ‚Disk Wiper‘.

I was asked to stay  late today, so i could help repatching the VoIP phone system and putting the required switches into their server racks.
This was supposed to take about an hour, but turned out to take almost three.
Although taking so much longer than planned, it was fun and my coworker is quite nice to work with and talk to.

Happy Birthday!

Today at work I started with installing my program on their virtual machine. After some testing I finished and figured out, that all was working great. After this I had to do a presentation about my project, they were quite satisfied with my work. The next thing was that I got an introduction about my next project. About this I have to create some word documents, which must get filled by the parents of the students and then I have to create a program which will read and check out the data and if everything is valid, if not an email will be sent with a notification and similar stuff.

„Happy Birthday!“ weiterlesen

End of the 3th Week

Now we are already 3 weeks in belfast and i think it is a good time for a conclusion. After it was a bit chaotic in the beginning, now everything runs very routinely. Most of the time there is not much going on, but there are always funny moments. The best thing about the time here is that you are independent and can experience a lot. Of course I miss my family and my girlfriend but for such a unique experience it is worth it. I will see if the next weeks will be even more interesting or if you can do something extraordinary. All in all I like it very much here, even if the time is a bit too long for my taste.