Raining, again…

Today I woke up a bit late because it’s weekend and of course IT students are known to be sleepyheads. When I took a quick look outside it seemed that it would be a nice day. I ate a healthy breakfast with my host family and afterwards I looked out again and the sky was covered in dark clouds and it was already raining.

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Arthur’s Seat

My first day in Edinbourgh was very nice. I slept until 9:30 in the morning. When I set myself upright on the bed got to know my new roommate. His name was Shawn and he is from Los Angeles. We began to have a nice and long conversation: He told me of his background to visit Scotland. He finished his time of school last year. By the end of march he went on his way to discover Western Europe. Starting his tour in Berlin he continued through Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland, Venice, Bologna, Rome and Madrid. From there he also arrived in Edinburgh yesterday. And for tomorrow he planned to continue to London and end his trip on Friday. It felt funny for us to be the only who were occupying our room for six.
As we were both there on our own we decided to discover the city together. „Arthur’s Seat“ weiterlesen