A little bit more stress but a relaxing evening

Today was more stressed than usual. The main reasons for this is that 2 new parts of the Project are finished there first developing phase and had to be tested and fixed by tomorrow, because Jonathan and Chris will have a meeting tomorrow to do a presentation about them. Identifying as much problems as possible in a short amount of time even if there are just caused by a small problem is rather taxing on the mind. After work i went to the accommodation to grab something to eat and going to a meeting of the Belfast Friendship Club. It is a weekly meeting of random people to talk with each other and playing some games in a relaxing environment. We played some rounds of Jenga at first but afterwards i played one round of checkers or draughts, which ever you want to call it. I lost this round without any chance to resist but i am still happy about this because the last time ii played checkers was 13 to 16 years ago. The round of chess afterwards, on the other hand, i won. It was an interesting round because the person i was playing with was at roughly the same level as me.

Second Week at Intersys IT

Yesterday my colleague gave me a laptop from his friend so I could change the hard drive to an SSD and install Windows 10 on it, during the installation I started the wiping and formatting of two hard drives. After the installation and configuration of Windows 10 on that one laptop I started to check on others laptops if it’s possible to upgrade them with some more RAM. „Second Week at Intersys IT“ weiterlesen

Rainy day…

My morning was like the other days, nothing special anymore. I arrived at work and I continued programming my program. After some hours I finally finished it. I demonstrated the program to my colleague and we tested it for bugs or other vulnerabilities, but we found nothing.

After the testing part I had to create some triggers in the database, sounds very easy, but when the SQL statement for the trigger is over 10 lines long then its no longer funny.

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Last Day with my Family

The first half of my last week wasn’t really too eventful. I went to work where we mostly renamed a lot of files and got rid of unused, old or duplicate templates that where laying around on the shared drive. When work was over I went home where I relaxed and watched videos.
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