Hey, there is something…

Today I start writing my blog, directly from my workplace. I got some instructions about my new project, and I did some researches while waiting for my credentials to login on the website. Unfortunately one of the colleagues was all the day busy and he couldn’t give me the login details, so I kept myself busy doing researches.

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a fresh breeze in the working routine

The day started very relaxed as we had managed to go to bed a little earlier yesterday. After I had my morning coffee we went to work. there we already had to compare the backups with the database. after we noticed some unfinished backups we talked to the supervisor and our next task was to fix them. It was not easy and we often had to get in touch with the customers, but we could also get to know the many different systems of our company and gain a little more experience in dealing with customers. In the end most of the backups are working and the rest will be done tommorow and we can be satisfied with ourselves and the day.



Fish and chips

Most of the time I go to the next tesco for lunch at work and get me packed bread or some fruits. Today I decided to eat something warm. There is a very small fish and chips take-away store near our workplace called „The Supreme“ (62 Sandy Row). Even if I rarely eat fish, I still wanted to try it because its so well known food and part of the culture here. „Fish and chips“ weiterlesen

Bletchey Park

Bletchey Park was the home of the codebreaking operation during the second World War. We spent two days there, Saturday and Sunday. On the first day we explored the museum of Bletchley Park and on the second The National Museum of Computing. Although there was much to see, I got a thorough inside into both.

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The Third Week

It’s been a while since my last blog entry. My parents arrived last week and I’ve been spending time with them. On Wednesday and Thursday Nickolas and I got more done at work, including composing more letters and emails for clients no longer supported by the Cassel center. Going through a database of files, we also implemented a renaming scheme, applying it to thousands of files.

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