Hello Oxford Street | £500???

Today I went early to the Oxford Street. I had a quick breakfast, then we cleaned up our room shortly that our host mother could hover the floor.
After the morning routine I went directly out and got there by bus. It took me about 2 hours to get there and with train I would need around 1 hour but I saved every month around 100€. So of course it’s better sleeping one hour less and going there by bus.
As I arrived there I had a crazy idea. I went to every famous store and asked just for a bag (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Apple, Nike, Adidas and so on). Apparently they weren’t allowed to give me one because I had to buy something first.

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Getting ready – a procedure

After booking tickets for theatre when it was about eleven I was ready to prepare myself. But I did not aim to prepare for a usual city discovery and pack my rucksack. Not that I felt too lazy or did not want to go outside. Conversely it was beyond all question for me to go outside to enjoy it even more or at least high-contrastly. Because it became my first time to go running during my stay here. And embarrassingly it was going to be the first time for me here to do sports in general.
After preparation including drinking, clothing and announcement to my host family or rather their daughter and whatever it had become 11:35 and I was putting my shoes on. I was about to leave when I realized that my key chain was not with me. I began to message Pascal knowing that he would not hear me knocking on the door due to his silence head phones. While writing this entry I am realizing that I could have called him actually. How strange that you sometimes forget such manifest things. Luckily, however, my host brother was on his way to leave our room while I was texting him, anyhow. So I knocked saying his name and that was the way it worked out. After getting my key and going to the restroom I said to Miya, our host family’s daughter laughing: „Now I am really ready to go walking.“ Because before she said „I thought you wanted to go running“.

Tickets for today

I woke up at 8:45-8:50. The first thing I did was to have a look for a theatre play for today’s evening. I looked at a website which is well known for good recommendations and hence often helpful. However, I spent one and a half hours searching, finding recommendations – once even cheap and… was disappointed. I was not too far away from giving up when I got the idea to have a look at the search engine for theatre london today. Of course, there were many results but one of it reminded me of another time when I heard somebody saying it is a good platform. It is also well known for good recommendations – especially in London. Looking for the right filters I found a theatre which’ description looked nice. What is more, it was rated very well. I asked a new acquaintance whether he would join me to this theatre play. There were still a few seats of cheapest class available where prices were really fair. And in deed, after thinking for a short while he accepted.

Spending the free time on my SBC

Yesterday I started working on my single board computer (SBC) to set up a small gaming server. This took far longer than I anticipated (partly due to my lack of Linux skills) but with the help of my roommate I got it working.
Only then I noticed that the provided server files where outdated and I would have to wait for the new files to be released.
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Lazy Sunday

There wasn’t much going on today, everyone was doing their own stuff. Our only task today was to go shopping and even in front of it all have pressed themselves as well as it goes. in the late afternoon we then started to cook and as always it became a bit chaotic . finally we managed to get something to eat on the table. the evening ended then quite comfortably.

Georges Market

Yesterday we went for the St. Georges Market. It was a quiet impressing to see such a market in the middle of the city, there were all sorts of things, including various sweets stands and fish stands. the building itself also had a certain flair. we rounded off the day at the market with a delicious burger. then we went home again and after we had prepared the fish bought at the market, we let the day end with a good series.