What a mess!

Today I started as usually with some programming. After lunch I got an email from our school. They need some documents from us and at first it was a bit unclear which documents we needed to send them. After a talk with the agency it was now clear. Unfortunately we found out that our task was to send these information’s since in the first week. But in the first week we couldn’t send this information because we still had lessons and we were not to our workplaces. In the second week we forgot because we ignored the first week (it was already done).

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Three days, and some stress

After the adventurous Monday I was ready for a week of wiping hard drives and first level support. Tuesday and Wednesday where just that, but today we got an email from our school in Germany, stating we had forgotten to sent important information.

We had some trouble understanding what exactly we missed and ended up asking the agency for help.

As we got our work placements later than was initially anticipated, we forgot to sent the info about what company we work for and who our mentors are.