My Review so far

It’s been over 3 weeks that I’m here and I have to say some things are very cool and of course certain things are not so good, in my opinion. The first positive thing about London is my host family, okay I just have a host mother, but she is very friendly and she always gives her best that we feel very comfortable here. Also some sightseeing in the United Kingdom are very breathtaking, but the thing that I don’t like is it has a lot of people here (tourists). It’s overwhelming.

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Learn, Relax and Ice

Today was a bank holiday in the United Kingdom, in Germany this holiday is on the first of May, but here it’s on the first Monday of May. So I decided to rest a bit and learn for some certificates, which I am planning to do in the near future. After the learning time, my roommate asked me if I wanted to go with him to the “CoOp” supermarket that is near our house. We went together there and got something to eat and of course, we got ice cream because… okay the temperature outside was around 10 degrees but ice cream is always a good choice.

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The first long weekend of May

On Saturday I went to Marks & Spencer to look for a new belt.
However after seeing the prices I quickly changed my mind and I think I’ll end up ordering one online.

Sunday passed and late in the evening we met up to celebrate the birthday of a colleague and had a few drinks.

This morning I got up late and had a British breakfast (Baked beans, fried eggs, hash browns and toast).
The rest of the day was spent on testing out the limits of my single board computer.

A Weekend with Ice Cream and Avengers Endgame again

My roommate Nickolas went into the city for this weekend. We started at the Trafalgar Square and then walked through China Town to a Ben and Jerry’s store where we got some really good ice cream and a very good milk shake, afterwards we went back to China Town to take the underground to Camden Town.

I went to the Dr. Martens store to buy myself a new pair of shoes which I wanted to buy for a long time. The Dr. Martens store was directly on the Camden Market so we used the opportunity to look at some interesting stuff. „A Weekend with Ice Cream and Avengers Endgame again“ weiterlesen

Cinema and Laundry

On Saturday morning me and Steven bought two tickets for a movie called „Avengers: Endgame“ in a cinema in Camden Town. After breakfast we took the train to Charring Cross from where we walked by the Leicester Square through Chinatown to a Ben & Jerry’s store where we got ourselves some ice cream and a milkshake.
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Review of the third week

Now nearly the half of our internship has passed. The third week was really exiting. A highlight was especially the cinema.

Work has become more interesting and we started getting more challanging tasks. For example, we got to optimize the companys public website.

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The Lavery’s

Yesterday was a calm day , Robert and Florian went for Georges Market , but Andy and me stayed home watching some movies and doing some laundry. In the evening we went to the „Laverys“ to meet our teacher and talk about how we are doing here. The pub was quite big and even had a billiard room. but in the end we decided not to play billiards because it was just too crowded. At the end of the evening we talked a bit about the time here at home and then went to bed.