Let’s explore a huge toy store

Today I went out early and took as a bus to the center. Directly at the London Eye I changed the bus to go to the Oxford Street, at least as Google said.

After some minutes of driving with the second bus, it changed the next stop info just to a “*”. As I know already from London buses this means the bus is on diversion, which means the bus is taking another route.


For this reason, I left the bus a bit earlier and walked the remaining part.

As I arrived at the Oxford Street I went to a huge toy store. You have many floors there and in every floor are at least 2 persons, which are playing with the kids (of course with the latest toys). I just looked around there and saw so many happy children.

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Last Bankholiday

This weekend was a bank holiday again, which means we got a day off work today. If I’m honest… I didn’t really do much besides letting the weekend be weekend, playing video games with the others, recover from the exhausting tour on Saturday and preparing our hardware course, which we will hold after the internship.

Other than that, not much has happened. The Austrians left the accommodation on Saturday morning and 4 Italians took their place instead. It has gotten a lot more quite over the last days.

On the one hand I’m enjoying the much more quite atmosphere, but on the other hand it can be a little bit boring from time to time.

The last long weekend

Saturday I finally found fitting shoes.
With my old ones falling apart and few shops having my size, this felt like a much bigger accomplishment than it should.
Later that day I met up with a few others for a few drinks.

Sunday started a bit uncoordinated.
First we wanted to get a British breakfast, but quickly decided to try a burger restaurant instead.
After what was then lunch, we bought an american football and a basketball and headed to a small park in which we spent a few hours.