My workplace at the Twin School

My day was as usual, nothing special today. So I decided to tell you something about my workplace.
My workplace is like all the other places here, there is only one difference. The other employes got 2 monitors and I got one. Only one monitor isn’t the best solution for programming, but for 2 month I think it’s okay.
My computer is also very “simple” for normal task, but for programming not the best. I got 4 Gigabyte of RAM and an Intel i5 processor.

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Meeting our Instructors

Today our Instructors from germany visited us. First we had a short meeting at our work placement. I had the chance to talk about positive and negative aspects of the placement so far.

After that we met at the „Dirty Onion“ which is a bar in the oldest building of belfast (which is already collapsed). We sat together, had some drinks and talked about our internship and what we learned so far. The athmosphere was very relaxed and it was a nice evening. After our instructors said goodbye, we went to McDonalds because I didn’t had dinner yet, and all were pretty hungry.

A Visit From The Instructors

This Monday we were visited by our instructors from Germany. After the initial plan failed which was to visit everybody’s workplace and maybe even the apartments we all met in Greenwich at a place called Honest Burgers where most of us had a burger and something to drink and after we chatted a bit with the instructors they had to go back to their hotel because they had to get some sleep to catch the flight early on the next day.
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Meeting with our instructor

Every year the AFIB sends its trainees to the United Kingdom to take part in an internship abroad and every year, approximately halfway through the internship, it is tradition that the training management pays the trainees a visit. „Meeting with our instructor“ weiterlesen