Pile of junk

We also wrote and printed an instruction of how to connect to the new NAS’s virtual machine. By the time, however, the goal for DocuLand is to empty its content more and more so that it gets obsolete. Because all new files shall be saved in our network shared directories and drives.
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I felt like a dried tomato when my I woke up this morning. I fall fallen asleep at about 2 am. because I had arrived home quite at one. And I had a small talk with my host mother who told me that we have a new host brother named Antony from France. Because my host brother and I felt not really talkative I left home earlier to have breakfast in The City at Cafe Hilliard – a place which I really like. I discovered that place last Monay when I was actually looking for another breakfast location which seemed not to exist. And I can highly recommend it. Not least because of that it is no chain.
At DocuLand I wished to have a resume talk firstly. Afterwards, I started researching of quota for users’ folders on the server. It took me quite a long time because I wanted to find a solution which makes it possible to refer it to users’ folders. Furthermore, I have never worked with it before. At the end, Louis told me that there is already set up a quota. The only thing that was missing was a rule which sends a message to the corresponding user on their desktop saying they are short or out of memory. Later, we put another employee’s PC into the domain and created a shortcut with his local data included. As soon as that was done, I handed my chief a bunch white asparagus which he had wished on Friday.
As a good contrast, I brought some letters and thin parcels away.
When I was back it turned out for me that my colleagues Pascal and Louis had successfully suggested some employees to buy two access points. They shall arrive tomorrow. We set up a virtual machine on the server with Debian on it. In that environment we installed the wifi controller and configured the appropriate options already.

My job as a developer | Tricky task

I kept working on my project today at my workplace. All the other days, I was able to write all the time without even thinking, but today I had one problem which took me a lot of time. I currently program a tool to synchronize the local database with a CRM (Costumer Relationship Management). First I had no field on the CRM that I could use as an id/primary key. I need such field because it is possible that some people have the same last- and first name. Later I found out, that I could just create a new field and fill it with the id from the database. Later I found out that I had the problem caused in the moment I requested all contacts to be shown. I already need the id field because the normal function that requests all contacts, returns just a list with all contacts and their last and first name.

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Winter is gone

[no spoilers] Today the final episode of Game of Thrones aired. Since I was really into the show in the last few months, I’m sad that its over now. A lot of people were unhappy about the last two seasons and how things turned out. In my opinion, it just felt rushed. I think a few more episodes would’ve done great improvement. This show will always be one of my favorites and im looking forward for the spin-offs to come.

Being here in Belfast where most of the show was shot, really hyped me up for the last season. This series has already become a small part of the culture here. When you explore the city you will always find people talking about it, or some art that is dedicadet to it and you’ll find merchandise everywhere. A coworker also told me, he lately saw Peter Dinklage casually walking throug the city. Furthermore, I noticed that the show had a high impact on tourism in Ireland. There are a lot of tours that are dedicated to the show. „Winter is gone“ weiterlesen

How we spend the breaks

A short update about how it is here, after now 5 and a half weeks everything is very routine and slowly you think about what will be when you come back to germany. I personally have things i want to do as well as things i want to change when i’m back. But now to the actual topic of the blog entry. Since the lunch breaks at precept are very long and we only sit most of the time, we decided some time ago to go for a walk during the lunch breaks. We found a nice park in the vicinity of our work. it is a nice change to walk and enjoy nature.

besides, a walk is quite good for the fitness.

On the Trail of Jack The Ripper

This Saturday was quite eventful after waking up the first thing I did was to put my laundry in the washing machine and whilst my laundry was being washed I googled what to do today and I decided to book myself a Jack the Ripper walking tour for 7:30 PM which cost me 12,50£.
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