A special rock

Arriving at DocuLand there were already three employees working on the ground floor. We began checking the server state. Our chief arrived and had a conversation with us. He was interested in what we had reached so far. However, he emphasized what point he strives the company to for at long last. That is, a a backup solution with three to four different storages should be there. Loss of data – and only a few – can cause a very expensive penalty. Furthermore, it should be possible to take a snapshot remotely in case of e.g. a terroristic attack that you can’t go locally any more. DocuLand needs to be able to move to somewhere else nevertheless and while being able to start a new server with the same data without bigger circumstances than buying new hardware.

After bringing away some parcels and letters to the post office I discovered a pizza place very close to our office where I went to. As it felt nicely at the place its pizza was also good. The only thing I could criticize was the chili oil bottle of which, which the spill extension was untight. So it was quite challenging to spill oil to the desired points. „A special rock“ weiterlesen

WWW – work, work and work

I woke up today and I realized that I felt a little bit sick. But this wasn’t something to worry about so I went to work normally. As I arrived there I started a long conversation with my colleague about the project. They didn’t want one of the currently installed features that was implemented in the Surveyprovider’s API, and I tried some workarounds, but they used too much resources.

„WWW – work, work and work“ weiterlesen

„We’re in the Endgame Now“

Yesterday we went to the Movie House located in Dublin Road. We decided to go that day, because every tuesday any movie just costs 3,50 pounds, which is incredible. Some of us are big fans of the Marvel-movies. So we really wanted to watch the shortly released film „Avengers: Endgame“ which is the final showdown of a long leading up movie series (21 so far).

„„We’re in the Endgame Now““ weiterlesen

A calm day

Yesterday started just as usual , after I had a good breakfast me and robert went to work . We worked on some lists so it was more or less calm work. The day passed quiet quickly. We arrived at home where Andy and Florian have been waiting because they wanted to go to the cinema . After a good dinner they went out and I stayed home minding my own stuff and playing some games and even had a little chat with the austrians. Later in the evening they came back and told me about the movie ( in which i wasn´t even a bit interested). We finished our little chat and went straight to bed.