Off to the City

Today we went out for some shopping. First we went to the Georges Market where Florian and I ordered the „Titanic Burger“, it was a very big burger and afterwards we were very full. With a lemonade in our hand we went to a Primark. On the way there we passed by a souvinir shop where everyone took a little souvenir with them. I bought a zippo lighter for myself because I collect them and the motive was very nice. After that we went to the primark, it was only for children and men, so it was quite empty. everyone had found and tried on some things because it wasn’t as crowded as in berlin. After everything was paid we went home and spent the rest of the day relaxed with a few series.

An expensive photo

Today I started my day with a good breakfast. Afterwards I went directly out to catch my bus. Today I had my Cisco Certified Network Security exam. It took me around 1 hour to get there. As I arrived there I had to sign a lot of documents that I had no cheating intentions and such things. Later I also had to do a body check. When I did CCNA in Berlin I just had a quick check, but this time it was a full one. I had to empty my pockets and they also took a look at my back pockets. They checked my legs and my glasses too. They checked like 2 minutes through my glasses until they were sure that they just normal glasses and not something special.

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