Finally weekend!

My work was today as usually, nothing special. I continued programming and I had a meeting with a colleague about the project. After the meeting I got a mail.

I got now a mail from my school about the English course. My school doesn’t know what else they can do, so I am not obliged to do this course. I searched online for other courses and found some good ones. Unfortunately, you always have to start with the lowest level which is very annoying.

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A week that seems to be long

Well the last time i wrote about work is already way in the past and i want to write about it now as a pre evaluation before my internship here is comming to an end. Sometimes it is going to be a little bit hectical at work, especially if something new is pushed onto git from our developer, but learning to work as detailed and good as posible under stress and with a certain deadline is always good.
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