Unexpected Visitor

Today, I started my work day as usual but again, problems…

When I started my computer I saw that some Desktop icons were missing again. I checked my group and I found out, that I’m in the wrong one. I asked around but nobody knew how to fix it at the moment. I had to use a workaround, to access some basic Windows tools.

Later, when I opened Google-Mail all seemd to be fine, but google told me that I’m offline, but the site was loading. When I checked in a new tab “google.com” I got just connection refused. I checked “google.de” and it was working. I flushed my current local DNS storage and renewed my DHCP IP, but still not working. When I did a ping, I found out, that the connection refused it not from a google IP but from the internal firewall.

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Two very interesting Days

On my Thursday my managing director brought me a small server that I needed to clean because it was pretty dusty from the outside and the inside after that I checked the server if everything was alright with it and if it’s running good. My colleagues invited me for lunch into a pub where every Thursday is curry day and it was very delicious. After the lunch I did a last check up with my colleague on his computer if everything was as he wanted it to be and he was very contented and very grateful about my work with his computer.

On Friday I was working more with that server. I removed its feature that the server was the domain controller and after that I removed the whole active directory feature. Afterwards I wrote some reports for the company what I did on client PCs and how long I did these tasks. At home I just washed my shirts and watched some videos and finished one show.


I continued work on the excel table. Basically I updated again and I should update the table for only the sports T-shirt orders.

At Cafe Hilliard I ordered a raspberry blueberry lemon loaf for Monday.

I assisted Sylvester and handwrote a table of the current content of new and unprinted T-shirts in their cardboard box. Because of other orders by the time the employees needed their sports T-Shirt table updated to print it out and give it to the employee who is in charge of the actual T-shirt printing.

At the end, I admit this week was not so much IT based but no wonder: Generally, the only thing we could do was to transfer file and folder bundles from the NAS to the server. And of course, we checked the status of the server and the network in a regular base. But else, there was nothing more IT related we could do.

In the evening I went running and spontaneously met up with Anton for a common training in a park of Plumstead.

A lot of nothing

This week has been very slow.
Apart from a support ticket every now and then, there wasn’t anything for me to do really, so I spent the time reading up on news and new technologies.

Today was a bit of an exception, as I could finally start finishing up the new windows 10 computers:
Installing the last few pieces of software, including updates and anti-virus software and lastly putting the computers into the domain.

However none of the employees wanted to test the new computers today, so that will come next week.