What a chaos

Today I contacted with my school. I have still the problem that I can’t access the online English course. I asked my school because on the site it’s written that they have to activate it. My school told me to ask the support because they can’t do something. After I wrote the support I got an answer quickly. They told me that there is something wrong and I need another invitation. So I used my second invitation that I got. I did again the first English exam which took me around 1 hour. Luckily I got the same result as the first time even though doing the same thing twice is really annoying.

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The wire fight

After our lunch at a pub which we where invited to by our chief we did a special thing for me. Or let’s at least say something of contrast: Upstairs we had already placed one access point and made sure that it works successfully. It is temporarily lying on a bookshelf where it disturbs nobody. But the second one for downstairs had not been provided similar conditions yet. In the room where we wanted to install there is no shelf at all but only staples of boxes. So the need of providing necessary conditions for installation was beyond all question for us. We intended to install the access point on the ceiling of the room so that its signal is also receivable from both the furthest rooms. As soon as we had found installation patch cable we ran out as much cable as there was needed. We placed it similar to our idea of final state beginning at the access point’s point itself. „The wire fight“ weiterlesen

Like categories

This morning I was good in time so I could go to our train station Abbey Wood without any rush. On the train I prepared another blog entry. On my way to cafe Hilliard I called my former host mother in Cambridge: It was about my visit next week. I am looking forward to seeing the whole family a lot since they are so lovely. After my breakfast I called my grandmother to hear of how my grandparents are doing and to tell her a bit about my situation in London. Actually they aimed to visit me in London with my mother and my sister soon. But it turned out that due to a little injury it would not be possible probably. „Like categories“ weiterlesen

My Weekend

This weekend was very eventful. A good friend of mine, Philip, came to visit me here in London. He was going to arrive at Gatwick Airport late at night, around 11, and we were going to meet at Russel Square. This was where our hostel was located, where we would be staying for the weekend. We meet up and we where both very happy to see each other. Being quite tired that night, we didn’t do much other than get a couple of beers at a late night shop and went to bed.

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