Third week in Belfast

The weekend passed quickly and now it’s already the start of the third week here in Belfast.  Time flies.



Since we didn’t plan anything for Monday so the start of the week was rather slow. No surprises, just work and relaxing in the evening.

But doing nothing and just sitting and talking with the others was exactly what I needed that day. Simply switching off, getting to know our new Austrian roommates better and just having a good time.



For Tuesday we had something different in mind. Since the release of the new „Avengers“-movie we wanted to go to the cinema, but we were always interrupted or had something else to do. So we decided that this Tuesday we have to finally watch it. And boy what a film that was.

3 hours of entertainment for only 3,50 pound because every week there is an event in the movie house which is called „crazy Tuesday“. Every film you watch is only 3,50 pound. Good deal in my opinion.

To all of you who want to watch the new Avengers movie I can say that it was great! Definitely worth the money.

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