From Work to the Pub

Thursday was the same as most of the other days. At work me and Artin would compose letters in Word documents so they can be send to customers. After work Artin’s parents were there to pick him up from work.

Artin’s parents wanted to go the pub where we always go to because in the pub they’ve got a beer called „Lagunitas IPA“ which originated from the small town „Petaluma“ in California where Artin grew up.

And so inside the pub we all got ourselves some beers and something to eat. After some chatting Steven joined us at around 6:40 PM but he didn’t stay for too long because we left at 7:00 PM to get supper at home.

Right after we left the pub it started raining cats and dogs and so we arrived five minutes later at home soaking wet.

On Friday me and Artin had to compose some more letters and go through some files again and look for duplicates and wrongly named ones and correct those.

After work Artin took the Overground to where his parents are staying. I went home and did some of my laundry and when Steven arrived from work we had supper, relaxed and then went to bed.

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