A free day

Well to be clear it wasn’t really a day off work or something, but pretty close, so what happened?

Yesterday we went to an Asian restaurant to fix some of his problems. Well, this took way longer than expected, but needed to be dealt with. So I worked this day much longer than usual. So as a compensation, I was allowed to leave the shop at around 12:30. In the meantime, I disassembled some television and a notebook.

So I was home at about 2 pm. The problem was, that only my roommate has a key, because we only got one.

Later I decided  to go to the nearest park / forest called ‚Elmstead Wood‘. I saw many grey squirrels, which were walking around and looking for food. I also found many huts made by children. Some of them were really impressive. I went to the end of the forest, where I found a graveyard. In the forest, you also can find 2 to 3 carved trees. The carved trees really look interesting. One of them is carved to a throne.

It was a really nice and relaxing day, just wandering through the first.

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